Frustrated? Want a quick resolution?

Need a quick resolution to your computer issues? Many services can be completed remotely via broadband internet. We can connect to your system and troubleshoot your issue, alleviating the need to unhook your computer and be without it for any length of time. Best of all, you can see what we are doing in real-time so you know your information is safe and you are getting what you pay for.  This is a great way to do system maintenance such as tune-ups, software errors, printer set-up, and spyware and virus removal. If you are not sure whether your problem can be fixed remotely, please call us first.

How it works:

Getting connected is easy! All you have to do is call or email us with a good time to connect to your system and pay for your service. Once the payment is verified, click the connection link to download the remote assistance software. Then give us the secure connection number to give us access to your computer. It’s that easy!

System Requirements:

Before we can connect to your system remotely, you will need to ensure the following:
1. You have a broadband (high speed) internet connection.
2. Your PC can boot into Windows or Windows safe mode with networking.
3. The problem you are having does not include freezing, restarts, or crashes.

Click here, then select "Run" to install remote software.